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As a consumer, you likely found this page by the power of SEO. If we can rank for difficult keywords in our competitive industry, imagine what we will do for your business. We can help you get more customers through search, whether you sell to businesses or consumers. Our clients include those selling both products and services.

In the UK, over 90 percent of search engine users only click on the first few results in Google. With our Local SEO service we will help you outrank, outperform and outsmart your local competition. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool that continues to help business owners gain powerful leads and maximise earning potential.

There are many ways to drive traffic to a website. Local SEO is one of the biggest factors that affect the ranking of a site. We all use search engines to find what we want, and that's no different when searching for a local business in a town, city or country. If your site isn't visible on Google, Yahoo or Bing you're missing out on increased revenue. In fact, if you're not utilising SEO, you're practically handing money over to the competition. That's how important optimising a website is for local search. Let us show you how we've helped many businesses achieve online success.

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How SEO Works

Search engine optimisation is not the same as it was last year - as the major search engines like Google and Bing update their algorithms, it becomes harder and harder to 'hack' your way into the top search results. SEO has transformed into a quality-focused marketing activity. Search engine optimisation is split into two major fields: On Page and Off Page.

On Page optimisation is the process of perfecting website code, media, and content for search engines. This is an extremely technical, intensive process involving complex site auditing, research, and execution. It is always the first step in an SEO plan.

Off Page optimisation is the process of creating authoritative links to a website to validate the quality of a website for search engines. If an authoritative website has a link that points to your website, your website is validated as quality by search engines like Google, and is ranked higher.

SEO is not an overnight / quick fix. It can take considerable time to achieve the desired results and therefore changes will not be immediately noticeable. For best results it's best to outsource your SEO on an annual basis leaving the experts to reach your goals allowing you the time to concentrate on what matters most - running your business.

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SEO Strategy

We will research, develop and implement a local SEO strategy that will suit your business aims and objectives. Whether you are looking to improve your SEO in either one location or multiple locations, we will make sure when someone searches for your products and / or services, you’re the one that appears in front of them at the top of their screen. Some of the standard features with our Enhanced SEO Service include:

  • Missing Custom 404 Page Error
  • Suggestions to Improve Keyword Results
  • Reporting of All Page Issues
  • We Perform All Changes - You Do Nothing
  • Full Keyword Optimisation
  • Domain Authority Comparison
  • Incorrect Anchor Text Linking
  • Analysation to find Website's Current Position
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