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General FAQ's

This page contains various FAQ's to help answer any queries you may have prior to contacting us or placing your order. If for any reason you still can't find what you're looking for then don't hesitate to Contact Us or chat to us on live chat.

We will contact you usually by phone to discuss your project needs and if necessary arrange a meeting face-to-face where we will gather as much information as possible to get your project started. You don't have to have all the images, content or site information ready as we are flexible to work with you as you go and also offer a Copywriting service which means we can complete your site in full, ready to launch.

Sometimes, depending on the project and prior communication, we may request additional information and require access to your existing website control panel so we have a better idea of the overall project and your goals and objectives.

With over 20 years of experience in management, website design & development, project planning and software engineering you can be certain that your project is in very safe hands with simpleServe. Between us there isn't much that can't be accomplished in order to provide you with your perfect website.

We work with individuals and a broad range of company types such as sole traders, small start-ups, large corporations, not for profits, B2B, B2C and more across many business industries (technology, childcare, online stores, food, apparel, health & beauty, travel, finance, arts, fair trade and many more).

Over the years we've helped both consumers and businesses improve customer service, market their products and attract more customers. Functionality requests range from basic to advanced so we'll always take the time to get to know your industry, organisation and competitors to ensure your site supports all of your goals.

As we're a custom design firm, every website we build is unique to you and will never be reused by simpleServe or any of our clients and, as such this means we can't give estimated prices because the estimate could be a million miles away from the actual cost so we prefer to provide invidivual bespoke quotes for each client specific to their exact needs and requirements.

Our prices are extremely competitive and fair. Please feel free to request a no obligation Quotation for your website build and remember, the more information you provide us, the more accurate the quote.

It is virtually impossible to provide standard pricing on our website, as explained in the FAQ above. However, we prefer to have a chat so that we get a better idea of what makes your company tick so we can then provide a fixed priced strategic internet marketing proposal that will outline your exact costs, the main tasks and anticipated timeline for the overall project.

As is the industry standard, we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit payment to begin your project. After design sign off and we have completed and fufilled our scope, the final 50% is collected and your website is scheduled for launch.

Starting 2017 we'll also offer a monthly payment option or rental option. For full details please visit our Payment Options page which explains the options available.

Generally yes, your website will look the same no matter what browser you are veiwing it from - minus of course, certain elements that are incompatible with older browsers (in older versions of Internet Explorer you couldn't use rounded corners with CSS alone and had to rely on images). So in essence your site will look the same, however if you're browsing from an old browser you may notice slight layout differences.

Naturally, as is expected, because we build all websites in Responsive Design, this means when you view your site on a mobile device then the layout will change substantially to suit the specific device being used.

Yes, we can build a website in any language or with page translation options. We develop fully dynamic language modules to integrate your site into a multi-lingual website and can provide full solutions including assistance translating your site and implementing it into as many languages as needed.

If you want an easy page translation option then we can either build a custom version or use Google Translate.

Pretty much yes. In the old days you needed to have a font installed on your PC in order to view fancy font's but nowadays we link to Google fonts which means the font style is downloaded onto the site viewers browser and stored in their cache for future. In essence this means that your website viewers should be able to view whatever fancy fonts are used in your website design.

Sure! We try to maintain our portfolio monthly and add each new website onto this page for our clients and visitors to view. You can view our recent work by visiting Our Portfolio page.

Web Design FAQ's

This page contains various FAQ's to help answer any queries you may have regards our web design services. If for any reason you still can't find what you're looking for then don't hesitate to Contact Us or chat to us on live chat.

We offer a wide range of website design options which are detailed throughout our website. If you have a tight budget then a one-page brochure style website may be best suited for you or if you want a few extra pages then we offer a multi-page version so you can have separate pages highlighting your services, your business and have a contact page with map.

If however you're looking for something a bit bigger then we offer a full Content Management System (CMS) which allows you direct access to edit most content from your browser without needing to have any coding or HTML knowledge.

View our full list of Web Design & Services for full details of the web design services we offer.

There are basically two main types of website - static and dynamic.

A static site is one that is usually written in plain HTML and what is in the code of the page is what is displayed to the user. This website is a static multi-page website with added CMS to run memberships and blogs.

A dynamic site is one that is written using a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, or Coldfusion. In such a site the content is called in by the scripting language from other files or from a database depending on actions taken by the user. As you'll see from this website, some of our pages are PHP such as the contact page.

This ability to connect to a database means that you can also create a content management system - an interface which allows the client to input and manage data via a web-based series of administration pages.

Which type of website is best for you entirely depends on what you're looking for and your capability when it comes to design. If you are not overly familiar with working online then a Dynamic CMS website may be best suited due to the ease of control for all site updates but if you are relatively experienced or you won't need to make changes to the site, then a Static HTML site may be best.

Responsive Web Design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts (we use Bootstrap), images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website automatically switches to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

In other words, the website will have the technology to automatically respond to the user's preferences. This eliminates the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market.

Try it yourself - open this website on your mobile phone or tablet, or shrink the window size on your desktop / laptop and watch the magic happen! You'll see the site looks great all the time with wording and images changing depending on the screen size used. This website is a fully responsive website.

All websites that we build are 100% responsive. Full more information read our Responsive Web Design pages.

Yes. All our website builds are designed using the latest standards which means your website will come fully responsive, as standard, at no extra cost.

We are aware that a lot of so called designers charge for making a responsive website, or try and upsell a mobile version of the parent website however we feel this is totally unnecessary and a waste of money because any decent coder should be able to design a responsive site as part of the normal build. As the saying goes, you only get what you pay for so if you see a designer offering a website for £50 then you'll literally get a £50 website - i.e. don't expect it to be very good!

All websites that we build are 100% responsive. Full more information read our Responsive Web Design pages or get in touch with us to get a detailed Quotation

Sure - although what exactly, depends on the type of website you have.

If you look around this website you'll see various types of modules. For instance at the bottom of most pages you'll notice the newsletter sign-up, on other pages you'll see our twitter feed displayed or the live chat module available site wide - a couple of many available addon modules.

To get your own addons just visit our Website Extra's page or Get in Touch with us.

As standard yes, we include a full site and database back-up with all design packages with inclusive hosting. This means that each week your website will be backed up in case you need to revert to a previous version of the site (i.e. if you loaded corrupt code or something similar).

If you require a daily back-up, for instance you run a full CMS eCommerce Shop then we can look at this for you. There may be an additional one off cost for this feature as we'd keep 10 back-ups at any one time from the proceeding day.

To perform a full restoration of your website there may be an additional cost. This is something we would do for you, you cannot perform a website restoration yourself. Full details are available on request.

These are languages which we use to build a website. CSS is where we add styling (for instance the site colour and layout) whereas Javascript allows us to make things bounce, pop-up or look fancy.

If you want your web pages to do different things depending on the situation, you will need a programming language. For example some websites want to provide a membership facility where people can log into the site and access certain information. Other sites provide a feedback form so that visitors can contact them. All these things require facilities that a simple document format cannot do. JavaScript, PHP and Perl are three of the most commonly-used programming languages on the Internet. They are used by websites to carry out more complicated operations.

For the most part, it is not necessary to learn JavaScript, PHP or HTML to create your website. In fact, even if you want your site to do complicated things, you can often find pre-written programs on our website (within the Blog Resources pages) to do the job for you without your having to dabble in programming.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. It is utilised by millions of online businesses and individuals to decrease the risk of sensitive information (e.g. credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, emails, etc.) from being stolen or tampered with by hackers and identity thieves. In essence, SSL allows for a private 'conversation' just between the two intended parties.

Smart consumers won't share their information with a website unless they can see the closed padlock sign that says it's protected by SSL. They certainly won't attempt to buy anything.

You can choose to protect just your website domain or multiple subdomains of your site to ensure the complete encryption of all your data transfers for one fixed price. This price varies from a few pounds to several hundred pounds depending on exactly what your requirements are.

Visit our Website Extra's page for full details of obtaining your own SSL Certificate.

Yes all our website builds with inclusive hosting provides free email accounts. You can add / remove as many email accounts as you wish.

Each mailbox allows a 20mb attachment limit and you have total control from the DKIM/SPF records to the actual email account management system.

You can access your email online by adding /webmail/ to the start of your domain. So for example; webmail.mydomain.com

If you can't find the answer to your question please Get in Touch with us and we'll respond to you within a few hours, during normal opening times.

Hosting & Domain FAQ's

This page contains various FAQ's to help answer any queries you may have regards our hosting & domain services. If for any reason you still can't find what you're looking for then don't hesitate to Contact Us or chat to us on live chat.

Domain Name System, or DNS, is the friendly naming system for giving addresses to web servers and web pages. Somewhat like international phone numbers, the domain name system gives every server a memorable and easy-to-spell address. Simultaneously, the domain names hide the really technical IP address which most viewers aren't interested in.

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name microsoft.com represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.simpleserve.co.uk/index.html, the domain name is simpleserve.co.uk.

Visit our Website Extra's page for further details and to order your domain name.

Yes - if we are building your website or if you wish to add another domain to your account or change your brand name.

Domain names vary in price from £10 per annum to £30 per annum depending on the type of domain you require. The newer domain names (e.g. .forum .website etc) cost slightly more but are highly specific for certain niche industries and aren't required for everyday use.

Your domain renewal is included in the hosting renewal so you don't need to pay separately unless you do not have a hosting account with us.

You should think long and hard about the domain name that you choose and, in fact the brand name that you choose and how that's represented through your domain name online. Domain names have a massive impact all over the web in terms of click-through rate, from search to social media results, to referring links, to type-in traffic, brandability, offline advertising. There's a huge wealth of places that your domain name impacts your brand and your online marketing, and we can't ignore this.

The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to type, the easier it is to say, to share, the less it gets shortened on social media sharing platforms and in search results. So when you've seen those long domain names, they get compressed, or they might not show fully, or the URL might get cut off, or you might see just the .co.uk, all those kinds of things.

While choosing the perfect domain for your new website might feel like a hugely important decision, much more important to the ultimate success of your online endeavors is your decision to commit to plenty of quality content, ease of use and lead generation potential.

The most common domain name used in the UK is the extension .co.uk but there are various others you could choose if your desired name is unavailable. Some popular TLD's (Top Level Domains) include: .uk .co.uk .com .net .org .org.uk .tv etc.

Web hosting is a service that allows organisations and individuals to post a website or web page on to the Internet. A webhost, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. We are a webhost and all our websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

All Shared Hosting plans are housed on our Ultra Fast, Reliable and Insanely Secure UK Based Web Servers. Our Shared web hosting services are ideal for hobbyists, small business and busy business websites alike.

Visit our Website Hosting page for further details or Get a Quote.

No. If we've built your website then we'll have agreed a suitable hosting plan with you at the time. We'll ensure you always have enough bandwidth and power to cope with what we initially discussed so unless you're planning on adding a lot of records or data that may affect the speed or performance, it'd wise to let us know beforehand.

On occasion we may recommend that you utilise a Dedicated Server which means you will have sole usage of the server and no other sites will be hosted on it. We will manage the server and ensure it stays up-to-date and secure on your behalf. There is a monthly cost associated with all Dedicated Servers.

Yes. Subdomains are extensions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories within your hosting account. A subdomain is subdivision of a domain name, allowing you to put content in your URL before your namespace. For example blog.companyname.com or shop.companyname.com would be a subdomain of the domain name companyname.com.

It's easy to create a memorable web address for unique content areas of your site by using subdomains. For example, you could create a subdomain for pictures on your site called "pics" that is accessible through the URL pics.mywebsite.com in addition to www.mywebsite.com/pics.

If you require a sub-domain adding to your account please Let Us Know

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to communicate with a database. SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, or retrieve data from a database.

You can add as many SQL Databases and SQL Users to your account as you wish. As additional fee may be payable when we set-up your new database.

If you'd like to add databases (SQL) to your website then Let Us Know and we'll create your database and send you the credentials in order to start using it.

When you book us to complete your new website build we'll include web hosting, email accounts and a domain name for a period of 12 months so that your new website can be up-and-running the same day we sign it off, instead of messing around transferring files and changing account details..

Visit our Website Renewals page for full details.

If you'd like to change providers please Get in Touch with us. There may be a small administrative fee to pay upon leaving us, if you wish your databases and files downloaded for the transfer.

If you can't find the answer to your question please Get in Touch with us and we'll respond to you within a few hours, during normal opening times.