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New Website Now Live!

New Website Now Live


Last week we launched the new design of our website. This is the result of quite a few months of work in our team and we are quite proud of our achievements. Why did we decide it was time for a new design? Read on.

It is a normal cycle in every website's life to revamp and update it with a fresh design, new functionalities & technical improvements every few years and the simpleServe website was no exception. We're totally satisfied with the result and with how it will improve your browsing experience.


Here are some improvements that the new design brings:

  • The new design is fully responsive! You will be able to smoothly browse our website on your tablet, your smartphone or on a normal desktop computer or laptop.
  • The content is amazingly highlighted and has now better visibility with all images being crystal clear utilising high resolution and scaling technology.
  • The whole website looks cleaner and is much lighter which makes it more enjoyable to navigate.
  • We've implemented a new colour scheme and utilised a 'flat design' to make it look more modern, crisp and generally faster throughout.


We'd love to know what you think of our new website, it's features and the general look and feel. If you have a few minutes spare would you mind completing the short form below to let us know what you think?

The details you provide are totally anonymous and we'll never use or share your personal information.